Dental Care For Expectant Mothers And Babies

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pregnancy and oral healthIf you're an expectant mother you should be taking all the necessary steps to ensure you have a health pregnancy. Prenatal care, an exercise plan and a proper diet will go a long way in this. However, you must take another step and pay special attention to your dental health. Dental health is related to your overall health and even that of your fetus. It is crucial to take care of your teeth during pregnancy. This is primarily because


Contraceptives- Birth Control-Family planning-Guide

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female-contraception-birth-controlDue to increased cost of living, scarcity of accomodation, resources and an overall desire to improve living standards, there is a pressing need to limit the family size at a personal and national level.  To achieve this, we all, at one time or another, use a contraceptive method. But how do we know we're using what best suits us?

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