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Welcome to kardz medicine’s extensive website, with information on a wide range of topics.  This site is 

Karl Daniel, M.Dfor medical professionals and patients as well. I intend to provide information that may help in improving world health.

I believe we learn best when we gather information from different sources. This requires access to a wide range of literature-a large reference point, but everyone knows that textbooks are expensive. To add to this they're in most cases huge, bulky, the potential readership is quite small due to poor marketing, and most times difficult to use when we need a specific reference. Internet and online books are fastly changing this and becoming the preferred reference point. It's in this line that I decided to contribute in the build-up of free medical information that would not only benefit me but also the entire globe. This site is dedicated to my former classmates, who inspire me and/or contribute in enriching my site content.'

I Look forward to blogging about medicine each day. I don’t expect to run out of topics.

 About Me

I have always been interested in the “art of medicine” since childhood. My fascination with the sheer complexity of the human body, its propensity to go wrong and the application of science and technology to remedy it is but one of the many reasons why I chose this career. Although it is a tough career, I enjoy a challenge, particularly towards a rewarding objective that’s enormously gratifying, as experienced on a personal level.

I am earnest and unrelenting in my study and use of evidence-based medicine.  I believe every patient deserves the best application of my intelligence as well as the collection of knowledge gained from those who have come before us.

 Besides medicine, I teach English during my free time. I have strong interests in computer networking and programming. ICT gives me a valuable insight into the rapidly developing technological world where computers are crucial.  I have a passion for swimming and football. My favourite pastimes involves playing tennis and listening to music of all genres. My ongoing hobbies include squash, partying and travelling when and wherever possible.

 Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I consider it an honour and a privilege.


Karl Daniel, M.D., is the founder and site Manager of Kardz Medicine, where this post also appears. Dr. Karl is a graduate of People's Friendship University and a board certified Practitioner. He also holds a Masters In Public Health (MPH) from University of South Wales. Currently, he's pursuing Masters In International Healthcare Management at University of  Cumbria and works as a primary care physician. He is active on Facebook and Google+, as well as Twitter @kardzmed.

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