Preventing Urinary Tract Infections
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Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

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utiYou have been to the doctor countless times for treatment of urinary tract infection, each time hoping it'll be your last, but alas, it's back. Now you are worried something must be wrong with you. Why do I keep getting UTi's and what can I do to stop this from happening once and for all.


The 3 main risk factors for recurrent UTI's are an increased frequency of sexual intercourse, the use of a spermicide and diaphragm, and the loss of estrogen’s effect in the vagina and periurethral strictures.


Women afflicted with recurrent UTIs may benefit from behavioral modification. These modifications include,

  • >>> Voiding immediately after intercourse to lessen the risk of coitus-related introduction of bacteria into the Urinary tract infections home remedybladder.  Also Drink 2 extra glasses of water after.
  • >>>Drinking more water. Large urinary flow volumes offer protection. If the urine appears any darker than a very pale yellow, not enough liquid is being ingested; increase the fluid intake.
  • >>>Drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry tablets. 
  • >>>Wiping front to back. Any wiping motion that starts nearer to the rectum and then approaches the bladder-opening area moves potentially pathogenic bacteria closer.
  • >>>Taking showers and avoiding prolonged baths.Sitting in a tub allows bacteria to reach the bladder opening area.
  • >>>Use of tampons for periods. Unlike sanitary pads, they keep the bladder opening area drier, thereby limiting bacterial overgrowth.
  • >>> empty the bladder at least every 4 hours during the day while awake. do not try to “hold it” until a more convenient time or place.
  • >>>Cotton underwear is highly recommended. Do not wear tight-fitting 'nonbreathing' undergarments. With such fabrics, accumulating moisture builds up, leading to maceration of the skin and bacterial over growth adjacent to the opening of the bladder 
  • >>>> Consider an estrogen vaginal cream. The cream helps keep the tissues around the bladder healthy and more resistant to infection.
  • >>>UTIs associated with sexual intercourse can be managed by postcoital prophylaxis. This involves taking a single dose of an effective antimicrobial. Ask you doctor

If an infection develops in spite of these precautions, promptly seek medical help. Seek prompt attention for excessive vaginal discharge or other signs of vaginal inflammation and infection. Your healthcare provider will Look for other sources of persistent infection, such as a structural abnormalities (eg, calculus, abscess, cystic disease).

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